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Setting up New Year Intentions

Setting up New Year Intentions

| On 06, Jan 2017

The first few days of the New Year are usually filled with expectations.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are over, and you are ready to kick into some serious health goals to achieve measurable results.

Many people will commence some kind of detox program or a diet as soon as the holiday season is over. Joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer is a positive step toward accomplishing these goals and a sign of commitment towards follow-through.

While this is all good and well, I also believe in setting up a good foundation with clear intentions that lead to lifetime benefits.

Intentions are not the same as goals.

Goals have a pressured kind of mindset with a target and a desired end result, whereas intentions are heartfelt desires for lasting results that will improve one’s quality of life. The focus of intent is more about purpose rather than a measurable result.

Think about a time when you told yourself that you would lose 10kg, or run a half marathon but life got in the way and you never reached your goal!

How do you stay focused and achieve what you intended to do?

If we look at a work/life balance and achieving a healthy lifestyle, we must adopt a holistic approach in order to achieve this balance.

I find it is helpful to set up your intentions to align with your “why?”

This taps into your personal values, which are a more powerful motivator and do not automatically lead directly to the “how”. Such intentions lead you to specific, desired patterns or behaviours that will help you achieve them.

For example, you might set up an intention to play at the beach with the kids on Saturday afternoons.

Let’s unpack this to look at the associated behaviour patterns:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Not drinking excessively on Friday nights
  • Gaining fitness to be able to keep up with the kids
  • Gaining work/life balance to carve out the time

As we work through each of these behaviour patterns, we can break them down further into specific steps.

In my next article, I will discuss some of these specifics in greater detail.

In the meantime, set up a great foundation with your intentions to live a healthy and abundant life. And when pressures of life or work stretch you to your limit, you will be able to address them calmly with a strong body, mind and emotions because you are being true to yourself and the values that you have set up for your life.

You are worthy of not only having financial success, but also a healthy body to benefit you and your desired lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be one or the other – you can achieve both at the same time when you establish a good foundation upon which to action your intentions.