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Portable ECG Device Saves Doctor’s Life – Part 1

Portable ECG Device Saves Doctor’s Life – Part 1

| On 12, Feb 2016

Heart Attack! Perhaps you or a loved one has experienced this, or you are on that treadmill called life and feel yourself getting puffed and gasping for air and fearful.


You know you need to change something – perhaps improve your diet or start getting more exercise. Perhaps hiring a personal trainer could lead you to a safe and effective lifestyle change.

When you think of a personal trainer, you might think of someone who pushes you hard and motivates you to get fit and healthy. But really we take a holistic approach to improving your health and fitness.

My career in fitness started as a twenty-year-old young mum. All I wanted was to get fit after my first baby. I followed my passion and completed my fitness qualifications.

Twenty-seven years later I am privileged to train some amazing people and am make a significant difference in their lives. I get to work with kids as young as 12 years of age through to Olympic athletes and medical doctors.

One of those is Dr Chris Fenton, a medical GP who practices in one of Australia’s mining towns. Not only that, he has a big heart for the people in East Timor. Chris volunteers with Bairo Pite Clinic, which is a non-profit health clinic in Dili, Timor Leste.

Chris came to me as a result of training his partner, a very successful lawyer, who was seeking very specific rehabilitation training after a car accident.

What I loved about Chris is that he was open and wanted to make some changes in his lifestyle. A busy travelling schedule left him time poor with little time to exercise.

As we progressed with his training, it became evident that Chris needed a hip replacement. He resumed rehab training and all has been going well… until recently.

One session I pulled out my portable ECG test device from AliveCor and I asked him if we could check his heart health.AliveCor image holding_phone_record

Normally the results would show as ‘normal’ or one of the other common problems that could potentially be creeping up e.g.: atrial fibrillation (as this happened to another one of my executive clients).

With Chris it didn’t come up with anything. I emailed him the results and 2 days later I received a phone call to tell me he has been in touch with his cardiologist friend who recommended no exercise to be performed until further tests at the hospital.

After his cardiologist visit, Chris informed me that he is not to do any exercise until further notice.

I am just so pleased that we were able to detect his heart issues early, even though we are still awaiting further tests.

Dr Fenton and I want to share this information with everyone, as it is vital to have health checks or monitor regularly… even if you are exercising regularly and feeling quite well.

My little ECG device is from AliveCor, where a team of USA-based doctors and specialists develop the device to detect future heart problems. It’s quite small and simple to use, and works with most smart phones.

While it’s no substitute for your cardiologist, the AliveCor device can give useful and regular monitoring that you can discuss with your specialists.