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Personal Training

Personal Training

Train Hard & Get Results!

For the past 20 years I have been based in the Hills district of Sydney, however nowadays I see corporate and private clients in all parts of Sydney. I train one-on-one, pairs and in a group setting. I also do mentoring and coaching on Skype or telephone.

What I really enjoy about training clients is taking them from a place of frustration, desperation and being out of control to a totally new mindset where they can manage their life no matter what situation or environment they face.

My success with clients comes in large part from having a holistic approach. I practice as a trigger point therapist, and as a result clients are able to function a lot better on daily basis, sleep a lot better, get rid of back and neck pain.

One diet regime does not suit everyone, so I will look at various dietary solutions tailored specifically for you and your lifestyle. Nutrition plays a big role in your life. I am fortunate to have access to some of the top dieticians, nutritionist and naturopaths in the country.

Cooking – I have been known to go to a client’s home and do a cooking session with them – coaching them on simple low fat and no fuss meals. Besides, what’s life if you can’t enjoy a meal with a client or your trainer!??! I am tough and will only work with people who are committed to their commitment.

You want results – I deliver them! It’s a win – win situation!