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Oh How I Love The Kitchen!


My mum is an excellent cook! My younger brother is a chef. My older daughter is a chef. Maybe there is something in the genes.

Brought up in a Europe with a strict dad who demanded his meals were delicious, at the age of 10 my mother had me in the kitchen cooking with her. No wonder I followed in the same footsteps with my daughter Alex.

I am looking forward to bringing you some healthy – and only healthy – recipes and dishes that your whole family will enjoy.

I love quick easy food ideas that don’t cost a fortune but are filling and nourishing.

A lot of people think I am vegetarian. I am not – I just prefer to eat lots of salads and vegetables. It is so much better for you. I believe in lots of variety. Nutritionally I feel it’s best to have different food choices on different days.

Please write to me with some suggestions of what you would like to see.

Also log on to my daughter’s blog and try some of her ideas. I am not promising that all of her recipes will be healthy. She does have a sweet tooth.

From Bacon and Bacon – enjoy!

Recipes & Videos with Nat 

Vegetarian Meal: Beetroot, Pumpkin and Spinach Salad

Vegetarian Meal: Fruity Rice Salad


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