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What price do we place on our health?

What price do we place on our health?

| On 08, Jul 2015

During my recent trip to New York, I couldn’t help but observe how unhealthy and fat this nation is. I was saddened and convicted at the same time. I promised myself that, when I return to Australia, I will not let Australia suffer the way America does.

I am taking it as a personal responsibility to impact and help my nation, however I cannot do it alone and need your help.

According to Professor Clare Collins from Newcastle University in Australia – we have a $58 Billion dollar burden. This is such a burden on our health care system. You and me – the taxpayer – pays for this health crisis. While I am happy to pay my taxes – I am not happy to watch people suffer and die. How about you? Will you do something about it?

Watch Nutrition research solutions for Australia’s obesity epidemic — University of Newcastle, Australia

While the fitness industry is growing, so is our waistline. Australia – you are the fattest nation per capita!

It’s devastating!

How can this be?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), more than 70.0% of Australian males and 56.2% of females are overweight or obese. For both health and cosmetic reasons, there is growing pressure on Australians to take control of their bodies. As a result, a significant amount of consumer spending is being directed towards becoming thinner and healthier. During 2014-15, Australians are expected to spend $603.3 million on weight-loss counselling services and related low-calorie foods and dietary supplements. Keeping Aussies healthy and fit is big business. 

The fitness industry in Australia generates an average of about one billion dollars in revenue on an annual basis.

In the USA, IBISWorld’s Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs Market Research Report | NAICS 71394 | Apr 2015 Over the five years to 2015, revenue is expected to grow at an annualised rate of 2.2% to $32.9 billion, including 4.3% growth in 2015 alone…

We have so much on offer in Australia. From personal training, to life coaching, to the best nutritional programs and still no dent in this crisis!


Stress, is the highest killer on this planet. Yet most of us choose to ignore it until it’s too late or some drastic event happens like a heart attack. Stress also causes major digestive issues. This type of stress causes acidity that will not be reversed by ant-acid medication or low calorie diet. High Blood Pressure and Diabetes are “managed by medications”!

We shouldn’t get to this stage people.

Why do we give in to the seduction of these Band-Aid solutions?

Professor Collins also states that food can be as powerful as medication in improving health. But how many of us shop daily for fresh fruit and vegetables and have 3 cups of salads or vegetables a day?

To prevent breast or prostate cancer, we need a bowl (500g) of RAW broccoli or cauliflower daily.

To get the balance of phytonutrients we need a lot more than what is dished out in the media right now.


How many of you do regular exercise? I am talking about appropriate exercises for your health and well-being. It’s not always about running your heart out on the treadmill or pumping iron.

Exercise also needs to be therapeutic to reduce your stress levels and deliver better sleep.


Lack of high dense nutrition!
We all have good intentions of cooking a well-balanced meal, especially when it comes to having the family sit down to a healthy meal. The reality is that only small percentage of families does this. I know because I am a great spectator.
Time-poor people are stressed out with making the mortgage payments, car payments, private school payments and more. Time-poor people really suffer in feeding their families high dense nutritional meals. You may be one of these people! Tired, unfit, unhealthy and unhappy – and still running on that treadmill.

There is absolutely no win-win for anyone with this lifestyle.

Personal relationships suffer as a result. You may have a demanding career or a business with so many deadlines in place that physical training is just a passing thought as you try to keep up with everything and everyone and put yourself last on the list.

Larry King from the Larry King show recently had heart attack surgery, as a result we see him on television promoting health.

One of the richest men in Australia Kerry Packer had four heart attacks. As a result of the last one and his kidney failure he donated large sum of money for all NSW ambulances to be equipped with portable defibrillators.

What price do we place on our health?

So why wait for something drastic to happen to us? Isn’t it our responsibility to take care of ourselves? Isn’t it our responsibility to be role models for our children to have health as our wealth first?

As a personal fitness trainer and a wellness coach, I get to train doctors, lawyers, business owners and mums – lots of mums. One of the best moments for me is when I see the results that we able to achieve in a short period of time.

So this is where I need help.

What if I can show you, how to get your life back?

Stop and pause.

Are you aligned with your values and living (not existing – but living) your ultimate happy life?

So, I am not going to do a big sell on you, as I know I don’t like being sold to. But what I will suggest is take a step forward in making your life and your family life a better place.

Visit my website with an open mind (I find intelligent people have an open mind and make decisions based on facts) and let’s talk more.


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